Interview with Jonathan Taplin and Cesar Hidalgo

GovLab NYU April 2013 Summit Interview with Cesar Hildalgo and Jonathan Taplin.

Lab Project Featured in the Guggenheim Exhibit on Urban Trends

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Problems Abound in the Media Biz, but Here’s Why There’s Hope

Challenges abound in the future of the media business. But then again, so do the opportunities 

What College Will Be Like in 2023

Textbooks. Lecture halls. September-to-spring calendars. Over the next decade, technology may sweep away some of the most basic aspects of... Read More

Silvia Lindtner Recap: Created In China

We were incredibly pleased to have Silvia Lindtner, PhD speak at the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab on her incredible work... Read More

CRUNCH Hackathon Recap

We're happy to announce that our first CRUNCH Hackathon of the semester was a wild success. The focus of the... Read More