The Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California released the fifth monthly report (The USC Annenberg Lab Advertising Transparency Report) detailing the Online Ad Networks support of the major pirate movie and music sites around the world.

For the month of May the top ten advertising networks on illicit file sharing sites are as follows:

  1. Propellerads
  2. ExoClick
  3. Admxr
  4. Wigetmedia
  5. Adcash
  6. Sumotorrent
  7. Adtransfer
  8. Zedo (Newcomer)
  9. Adexprt (Newcomer)
  10. Infolinks

A recent report, The Six Business Models of Copyright Infringement funded by Google and PRS for Music on Brands, investigated Ad Networks and their support of the major pirate movie and music sites around the world and found that advertising financed 86% of the P2P search sites that feature illegally distributed content. Clearly indicating that many major brands are not aware that they are in fact the key source of funds for the Piracy industry, it is the goal of this transparency report to aid in helping these brands steer their ad dollars away from sites that exploit film, TV and music artists for what appears to be criminal gain.

We have been heartened to see that the major companies in the Online Ad Market continue to retreat from the Pirate Sites. Google, Quantcast and Open X dropped off the Top Ten several months ago and now Yahoo/Right Media has gone out of the Top Ten for the first time. We also note that the major auto companies seem to have stopped advertising on Infringing sites.

Read the May and past reports here.